Circle of Security Parenting

Circle of Security Parenting is considered a Best Practice parent education model. Developed by researchers right here in the Inland Northwest, Circle of Security Parenting programs have garnered national and international acclaim for the success in helping to educate parents and heal families. Morning Star Community Services is very proud to have two highly qualified Circle of Security Parenting facilitators on staff.

How does it work?

Circle of Security Parenting ® is based on an early intervention program designed to enhance attachment security between parents children. By helping parents identify and deal with high-stress family situations and increasing the positive attachments between parents and child, parents may be preventing various problem and high-risk situations for their children later in life.

Who Should Participate?

Creating a family attachment bond is critical throughout all stages of childhood development. With that in mind Parent Education is time well spent for all parents. Morning Star Community Services, we’ll help you enjoy parenting again.

How long is the program?

Circle of Security meets once a week for four weeks.

How do I sign up?

For more information about Parent Education classes, or to sign-up for one of our scheduled classes please contact: Suzanne Kolbe: (509) 448-1202 or by email:

Scheduled Classes

The scheduling of classes is flexible and done for each individually for each family or interested person. Please call Suzanne Kolbe at 509-448-1202.


Circle of Security Introduction Video: