Morning Star Community Services came online in 2012 as part of a new direction, a new vision for the future of Morning Star and our community. By connecting with the community and offering assistance to families and children before crisis occurs, we can help create safer, healthier and more productive children, homes and families. Our goal is to address those issues in the family that can result in the need for residential care and treat those issues before such care becomes necessary.

To accomplish this mission Morning Star Community Services offers a multi-systems approach to family outreach, including:

  • Individual and Family Counseling
  • Parent Education programs
  • Family crisis intervention
  • Foster Care Licensing & Child Placement Programs
  • Permanency Planning & Adoption Disruption Prevention


Our trained, experienced and licensed staff can provide assistance on the Morning Star Campus, or in your home.


Our Team

Suzanne Kolbe – MSCS Clinical Director
Diana Hornbogen – MSCS Therapist


Let Morning Star Community Services help you get your family back. Contact us today!

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