Sensory Judgment of Anger

 If anger was a color

I would  paint it bright red

like a sour apple.

If anger was a taste

It would be just plain.

If anger was just a feeling

It would be as confusing as words that rhyme with orange.

If anger was a smell

It would be as awful as rotten garbage.

If anger was a sound

It would be as loud as a gun shot.

I am anger

but I’m dressed in normal looking clothes.

I need help

because  I’m related to injustice.

I vacation in my room

so my job is to use a stress ball.

I desire calming skills.




Hold onto what is good

Even if it’s a long journey.

Hold on to your life

Even if it’s a hard thing to do.

Hold on to hope

Even if it’s like having a super power.

Hold on to your Spirit

Even if it’s like doing a back flip.

I ought to hold on to my intention

Even when I’m sad, or mad.



A  Sense of Acceptance

If not knowing if I’m ever going to be adopted was a color

I would paint it blue

because that color makes me think of sadness,

If someone considering me for adoption was a feeling

It would be as excited  as a  dog playing fetch,

If living in a comforting family was a taste

It would be like eating yummy ice cream,

If someone choosing to adopt me was a smell

It would make the room fragrant like flowers.

If I were to finally go to a normal home,

It would sound like a parade echoing through my head all day.