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2015 MSBR Annual Report

The Morning Star Boys’ Ranch 2015 Annual Report is now available. Please click here to read the document. Happy Spring!  

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Save the Date – October 17, 2015

On October 17th, The Spokane String Quartet will perform Beethoven’s String Quartet No. 13, Opus 130 at The Barrister Winery in a concert to benefit Morning Star Boys’ Ranch. Also performing will be pianist Caleb Hindman and The Spokane Youth String Quartet. Great food. Great Music. Great friends. Seating is limited. Call Don at 509-448-1202 for...

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Odd Duck

One of the boys who helps with the animal care asked me, “What’s wrong with our duck?” At first I didn’t understand what about the duck he was questioning. I was thinking it had something to do with a broken wing or maybe leg. After looking at our duck for a moment I realized what the boy was trying to ask. Our duck looked different. Some of the...

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An Interview with Antony Chiang (President of Empire Health Foundation)

Empire Health Foundation is a private health foundation with approximately $165 million in assets under management and stewardship, working to measurably improve the health of communities in Eastern Washington. Don Ciavola, MSBR Director of Development and Communications, recently had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Chiang about Adverse Childhood...

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Three Poems by a Young Author: Resident, Grade 8

1. Sensory Judgment of Anger  If anger was a color I would  paint it bright red like a sour apple. If anger was a taste It would be just plain. If anger was just a feeling It would be as confusing as words that rhyme with orange. If anger was a smell It would be as awful as rotten garbage. If anger was a sound It would be as loud as a gun shot. I am...

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